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JULIA'S FORECAST: Frigid, but not for much longer!

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Only one more cold day to get through before a warm-up! The morning starts out frigid in the teens and single digits for most. A light breeze has added an extra bite, causing some Mississippi folks to wake up to sub-zero wind chills!!! Because of the cold temps, black ice may present an issue for the morning commute, especially on sidewalks, driveways, and local streets.

The sun will help us out as the clouds decrease through the morning and clear up by afternoon. This should help bring us just above freezing this afternoon, melting some of the ice. We will be in a hard freeze again tonight though, with temps falling into the mid teens once more.

Finally, here's some good news: we have pleasant, above-average high temperatures ahead of us. Thursday will be much more comfortable near 50, with low 60s as we wrap the work week. We do have a wetter pattern moving in though, so be sure to keep the umbrella handy when you head to your Super bowl Sunday party.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
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