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Magee still battling icy road conditions

MAGEE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Highway 49 in Magee was shut down for hours Wednesday, due to icy road conditions. Traffic backed up for miles while crews worked to clear off a bridge north of town that had iced over.

By noon, sand trucks and plows had cleared a path in both directions.

Magee Police Chief Randy Crawford said, "We had a lot of agencies, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, Magee Fire, Simpson County Sheriff's Department all working together.  We got everything moving at this time.  We do understand there's a good chance of low temperatures tonight, and a potential of re-freezing."

Simpson county road crews worked throughout the night to treat highway 13. The hilly road became dangerous to travel when ice formed on the inclines.

Simpson County Road Foreman Sidney Collier said, "There's been people sliding off the road into ditches, people turning sideways.  People just need to slow down and take their time and a lot of them, if they don't have to get out in it, don't get in it."

Magee police Chief Randy Crawford says he will have crews ready to handle any re-freezing that occurs overnight.

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