Tow truck operators working overtime rescuing stranded vehicles - - Jackson, MS

Tow truck operators working overtime rescuing stranded vehicles

FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Authorities warned motorists to stay home after thick ice covered many roadways, but some who ventured out found themselves sliding on ice and being stuck after crashes.

"This is the first time I've ever seen it this bad around here in parts of Mississippi," said Capitol Towing Company wrecker operator Cory Bozeman.

The 33 year old is a veteran in the business and even he was surprised by the frozen roadways.

The towing company responded to nearly 30 calls in the immediate hours of the wintry precipitation's grip on the area.

"A few years ago we had a couple of ice storms that came through and it was pretty bad, but it has really affected the whole county of Rankin," said Bozeman.

If you find yourself off the road and needing a tow, experts say you should remain calm and use your cell phone to alert authorities and your family.

Then you should go to a nearby business to wait for help or stay inside your vehicle if possible to avoid being hit by another car that may lose control.

"Ice is real hard to see, especially in the sunlight, just as bad as it is in the night time and everybody just really needs to slow down and pay very very close attention especially on the bridges and everything," said the wrecker operator.

Most of Bozeman's calls have been for accidents near bridges and overpasses. He urges motorists to seriously reduce speed in icy conditions. He also has a warning about black ice.

"It kinda looks like a wet road just from the rain and it's really hard to tell the difference between it," Said Bozeman. "But if it does look wet just assume it's ice and take the necessary precautions. Don't slam on your breaks, hold your wheel straight and just pay very, very close attention."

Since midnight Tuesday, the Mississippi Highway Patrol has received more than 600 reports of wrecks in south Mississippi alone.

MDOT reports ice on roads in nearly 40 counties in south and central Mississippi.

You are urged to avoid driving were ice has been detected.

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