Ice still covers parts of I-55 - - Jackson, MS

Ice still covers parts of I-55

People in Copiah and Lincoln Counties are still feeling the affects of the winter storm that blew through earlier in the week. Ice still covers portions of Interstate 55 north and south bound lanes in those two counties.

"Right now we still have a few areas that are needing attention," said Sgt. First Class Benjamin Boyd of Mississippi Highway Patrol. "We are working with MDOT to take care of these areas."

Boyd says MDOT continues to put salt and slag down on portions of the interstate to help drivers. Ice on I-55 in Copiah County almost caused a two car wreck Thursday afternoon.

"There were two vehicles traveling northbound on 55 at mile marker 58," said Trooper First Class Julius Hutson. "The passenger car lost control and the 18 wheeler driver avoided a collision."

To avoid hitting the car, Hutson says the driver of the 18 wheeler turned its wheel causing the truck to slide off the interstate into a wooded area.

The tanker truck was carrying calcium chloride. The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality was on the scene to safely remove the chemicals. The chemical is used in cleaning products and did not cause any danger.

Members of the Mississippi Highway Patrol would like to remind drivers, while ice is still on the roads, it is important to drive slowly.

"Even though some of the road may be okay, you may come up on a spot that is not," added Boyd. "If you are driving too fast and not able to slow down, it doesn't take but a split second or one wrong move and you are off in the ditch."

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