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JULIA'S FORECAST: Pleasant today, but rain this weekend...

It's a cool early morning for some! Those waking up to clear skies have temperatures right around freezing, while folks in the Delta are much milder in the low 40s. All will warm to pleasant levels today, many approaching the 60 degree mark. These comfortable temps will be accompanied by a bit of cloud cover though, which will increase as we head through the overnight.

Waking up to a cloudy morning on Saturday, we can expect the occasional spotty shower during the day. Most will stay dry through the afternoon, but it's a good idea to keep the umbrella on hand just in case you run into a batch of rain. At least it will still be mild, near 70 degree!

The warm trend continues through Sunday, but so does the wet weather. In fact, the chance for rain increases through the latter half of the weekend. If you're heading out for a Super Bowl event, be sure to wear your rain gear.

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
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