Adult Entertainer Learns Her Fate - - Jackson, MS

Adult Entertainer Learns Her Fate

Natasha Stewart Found Guilty

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with some of the stories we'll have tonight at 10 on WLBT.

New at ten..The Memphis adult entertainer accused of depraved heart murder in the death of an Atlanta woman who got buttocks injections has been found guilty of culpable negligence manslaughter. We'll have details.

A 19 year old man is Jackson's latest homicide victim. Police continue their investigation.

The son and grandson of two murder victims has been arrested and charged in their deaths.  Tyrone Liddell, Jr. appeared in court today.

Warmer temperatures for the weekend!  Chief Meteorologist Dave Roberts will tell us about the milder temps and the chance for rain in your First Alert Forecast.

And Sports Director Rob Jay will show us why the Brandon community and players from the pros join together for a good cause on the high school campus.

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