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C-Spire offers pre-registration for new Fiber Optic Internet

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

C-Spire is pre-registering residents for its soon to be available super fast Internet service known as Fiber Optic Internet.

Our Jewell Hillery got a chance to preview and see how much faster it can get things done!

A screen on C-Spire's website illustrates just how fast the fiber optic service works compared to other services. Take for instance downloading 100 photo. This illustration is animating just how fast that can take place with 1 gig service compared to others.

Fiber Internet service will eventually be available in nine Mississippi cities, including Ridgeland and Clinton.

C-Spire reps are in the process of pre-registering residents for the brand new service, which amounts to one gigabyte.

"This a 1,000 megabytes per second so its 100 times faster on average than the existing, again the fastest Internet again in the world," said David Miller, C-Spire Media Relations Manager.

Miller said a tech village with 50 businesses pretty much grew overnight in the neighborhood where the first fiber Internet service was available.

He's optimistic the super speed web access will bring some of the same positive economic benefits to Mississippi.

"We know that in communities where this Internet infrastructure is in place its created new jobs, its increased the value of homes, its sparked technology investment," Miller added.

Fiber Internet will make it to the selected nine Mississippi cities once a certain percentage of residents pre-register for the service.  


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