Super Bowl Sunday: Sobriety check points - - Jackson, MS

Super Bowl Sunday: Sobriety check points

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Don't take any chances driving home after the Super Bowl game if you've been drinking alcohol.

Law enforcement takes Super Bowl Sunday very seriously.

They're checking driver's licenses, but that's not the biggest reason they're out on Super Bowl Sunday. 

They're looking for drunk drivers.

Deputies said they know this can be an inconvenience for some people, but consider this sobering statistic.

Nationwide, by the time a person under the influence has been stopped, they've gotten on the road while drunk an average of 80 times beforehand.

Meaning they think they're invincible and they keep doing it.

"When they get to drinking, they're gonna think that they're a better driver, and actually, their reaction time is slowing down, they're becoming the worst driver. But in their minds, a lot of them think they're a better driver and drive faster. I've talked to some people we've had in jail for felony DUI that had repeated DUI's, that the first thing they wanted to do once they got drunk was go drive," said Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey.

"Usually, when you get the ones that have been out and drinking on Friday nights, they can stay where they're at or stay somewhere close to where they've been drinking. On Super Bowl Sunday the majority of our people have to go home and go to work the next day. So therefore that's our habit of going out and getting too intoxicated to drive, and having to work the next day, and trying to get home so they can make it to their work the next morning," added Kevin Poole, Rankin County Deputy Sheriff. 

One more thing that's been thrown into the mix for Super Bowl Sunday are the wet roads from the rain. 

We've had rain just about all day throughout the Metro and deputies said with the dry conditions we've had, all this water makes the roads extra slick.

And that makes it even more dangerous to someone who can't walk a straight line, much less drive a six-thousand pound vehicle.


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