Plan unveiled to help Lost Rabbit development - - Jackson, MS

Plan unveiled to help Lost Rabbit development

MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

This past week, Madison County residents voiced their concerns about taxes possibly going up to bail out the Lost Rabbit development. A new plan that was unveiled Monday means most taxpayers can now breathe a little easier.

It's a plan some say could change the financial landscape of the Lost Rabbit community. But many who live there remain skeptical after years of paying money to an entity that went nowhere. A county-funded consultant addressed many of those concerns Monday.

Lost Rabbit residents can expect a 17-mill increase if a five-point-two million dollar urban renewal bond is passed. But another way they plan to pay Allstate back is through selling lots there.

And more than one person said that would be hard to do if they don't have any amenities to support it.

"We moved the boat, like I said, to Biloxi," said  homeowner Dan Myers. "We got into golf, but there's not a golf course out there. We used to play a lot of tennis in Atlanta. The tennis courts (here) didn't happen, so we're just going to sell the house and go someplace where that's already in a more established neighborhood."

The proposal still has to be approved by voters and the Madison County Board of Supervisors before it could move forward.

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