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Just 4 You - Business Matters

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

From t-shirts to chair covers Bill McChester likes to think he has something "Just 4 You" which is the name of his store. It was not too long ago that the associate pastor of his Byram church was enjoying retirement, then McChester started getting that entrepreneurial itch.

"I think that's where my wife got that idea from, because often times we'd sit around and I'd say, 'you know I miss my store,'" McChester recounted. 

McChester is talking about the gospel music store he opened in Biloxi in 2001 after serving in the U.S. Air Force for 21 years. He ran that for several years before moving to Jackson.

Ready for a new challenge he and his wife of three years, Dorothy Edward McChester, combined their talents and opened Just 4 You in west Jackson.

"The special thing about it is that we are able to spend some time together," McChester said. "We are able to put our creative talents together."

Dorothy McChester echoed her husband's thoughts about their special business relationship.

"We kind of piggy-back off each other and help each other with pieces that we are creating for ourselves or for someone else," Dorothy McChester said.

While Bill specializes in digital imprinting on a variety of items such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, it is Dorothy that has the decorative eye. She helps customers decorate special events, such as weddings.

They pride themselves on offering their clients quality, but this venture has not been free of challenges. They moved to 4157 Robinson Street last June after struggling at their first location in Jackson Square Promenade.

Dorothy McChester said challenges such as that may slow them down, but they are not going to let setbacks stop them.

"Anything in life that you want to accomplish requires some dedication, some sacrificing," McChester explained. "Everything is not going to come together all at once, so therefore we have to be patient."

When going into business the McChesters say they were prepared to be patient and have faith in God's plan for them.

"I believe that everything has happened at a time that God has planned for it to happen," Dorothy McChester said.

For now the McChesters love what they do and are passionate about satisfying their customers. And, if they continue to do that they hope it will mean they will be able to bring on some help.

"As the business increases we want to be in a position where we can hire someone," Bill McChester said.

Bill McChester is devoted to Just 4 You full-time, but while Dorothy McChester is not hand-making extravagant wreaths or centerpieces she works for Jackson Public Schools in the Career Development Center.

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