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Pastor's son calls 911 on MSNewsNow crew

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

More information has come out about Reverend Leonard Boddie's arrest and his criminal history. We went to Rev. Boddie's new Rankin County home Wednesday to get a comment about his Identity Theft charge. Boddie's son was outraged that our cameras were recording.

"Okay, well what are you doing here? You can record me, you can do whatever the __ you want to do. Can you put that online?" said Boddie's son.

He was outraged when he saw our cameras rolling in front of his father's new home. According to neighbors, he moved in last Friday, the same day Jackson Police arrested and charged the man for identity theft.

Boddie's son was so furious, he called 911.

"We are in a gated neighborhood and I guess she is trying to record," the son told the 911 dispatcher.

"And it's a public street. If they are on the street, there is nothing we can do about it," replied the dispatcher.

JPD tells us 53-year-old Rev. Boddie, who is the pastor at Greater New Friendship Missionary Baptist Church in Brandon, is also a tax preparer. He's accused of stealing a woman's tax information and using that information to purchase two BMW's from a local dealership. He then used her bank account to pay for those car notes.

While our camera was recording in front of Boddie's home, the repo man showed up. Boddie's son would not open the garage for him.

As new details continue to surface in the identity theft story, we discovered Rev. Boddie has a criminal history. The Blade newspaper from Lima, Ohio, shows that back in 1992, Boddie, who was a councilman at the time, was convicted and sentenced to jail after he pled guilty to taking more than three thousand dollars from the Salvation Army.

He was charged with grand theft by deception. Boddie ended up serving 14 days in jail, two years of probation and 100 hours of community service.

Church members say, for now, Boddie is still the pastor. However, we're told the church board will discuss if Boddie should step down.

Jackson Police say Boddie could be facing more charges.

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