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Wednesday's Child- DeAundre

DeAundre was 9 years old when he was first featured in 2013. He was dependent on his big sister,  Akira for almost everything.  Akira told us It would be great for both of them if they had parents to depend on.   We talk with DeAundre about their hope of finding a forever family on this week's Wednesday's Child.

DeAundre does not talk much due to a problem with his speech. But his big sister understands every word. He did talk about one of his favorite sports.

"Baseball", said DeAundre.

"He just likes to hit the ball and run", Akira explained.

DeAundre is very athletic and tries hard at whatever he does. He is also a big football and basketball fan.   It is also important to him to be polite.   Akira says he likes being obedient and following the rules.   He also has a sense of humor.

The children live in separate foster homes, but live close enough that they visit often.   But it is still not the same as having a permanent place to live and call their own.

"Something else I know about you.   If you get adopted you have to adopted with your big sister.    Is that right?  Yes", DeAundre said.

DeAundre has told his social workers it does not matter whether he has a single or two parent home. He wants parents who will be patient with him and provide guidance and understanding.  But the most important thing for him is that he shares that home with Akira.

For more information call the Mississippi Adoption Resource Exchange at 1-800-821-9157.

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