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Parent accuses headmaster of abuse after paddling

FLORA, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A parent has filed abuse charges against a Flora school official alleging that a paddling was too severe. The matter is now before the Flora authorities.

Tiffany Cox took pictures of her son's red and blistered buttocks Tuesday as evidence of abuse allegedly at the hands of Tri County Academy headmaster Mark Johnson.

The administrative assistant said her 12 year old son was wrongfully paddled earlier in the day for something he didn't do but reported.

Cox said Johnson disciplined her son for horseplay involving three boys in the bathroom that tore down a stall door. The sixth grader said he told the school secretary that he was pushed into a bathroom and that others caused the damage.

"If anyone thinks that what he did to my child is right, it's not. He left bruises," said Cox. "He left an abrasion on my child. He hit him so hard it broke my child's skin on his rear end."

"We have corporal punishment at the school," said Tri County headmaster Mark Johnson.

When asked him if he caused the child to be injured Johnson said, "I can't discuss it with you because of what the parent has done."

"Corporal punishment is legal in the State of Mississippi until you leave bruises or marks and then that constitutes child abuse," said the angry mother of two. "This that happened to my child is child abuse."

The student has attended Tri County Academy since kindergarten.

Cox said her son now fears the headmaster, and she wants Johnson reprimanded and removed.

"He basically told me that he paddles all children that way," said Cox. "He leaves marks on all children and stated that no parents had complained yet. I was his first complaint, which I do not believe."

Flora Police Chief Dewayne Moak said a complaint has been filed and there is an investigation, but no arrest has been made.

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