STATEMENT: Richland Parent who complained about movie shown in c - - Jackson, MS

STATEMENT: Richland Parent who complained about movie shown in class

RICHLAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -



I am a parent at RHS and have a child in one of the classes that saw the movie.   I have been watching all of the coverage of the story regarding the teacher and the R rated movie.  I have seen the movie "Dolan's Cadillac."  The movie has some real issues including racial slurs that insult blacks, Hindi, Mexicans and Chinese.  The language is profane to the extreme. Words like P***Y, C**T, and mother f****R are in every other line.  Its plot is basic, revenge.  The villain is a Las Vegas style gangster who buys and sells women.  The women are barely dressed and displayed in line ups with numbers on their chest for his approval.   

The most popular arguments on social media and morning radio are that kids, "see this stuff at home" and "it is no big deal," but it really gave me pause.   Our schools are struggling to keep up with the national averages or at least that is what we are always told.  What academic value did this have?  It was not "Schindler's list," nor was the short story it was based on a prize winning piece of literature.  This was a "b" rate movie full of graphic language, racial rants, and objectification of women.  It also   introduces the idea of children as sexual objects.  All of that would be fine if you were talking to kids about those topics in depth and taking responsibility for what you showed them.   This was not the case.

The assignment given was simple in nature. No critical thinking. No hard hitting questions. Just compare and contrast the book and the movie.  That really doesn't cover all the material that was unloaded.  Parents were not consulted and did not give consent so they have no idea what their children had seen at school that day and the teacher did not take responsibility for the ideas and the impressions left.

The most telling is that in the arguments I have seen on Facebook between the students about the movie.  One student stated that sure there were racial slurs but those were only directed at illegals.  The women in the movie are trafficked in a sex traffic ring not illegal immigrants.  The lack of understanding between the two is frightening, considering the child watched the movie with a teacher.  Furthermore, legal or illegal they are people and deserve dignity and respect…or do we not teach that anymore?

I am sad that this made it into the classroom.  I am also concerned that people are willing to give blanket support to R rated films in the classroom.   Are we ready to say that common language is ok because it is common?  Last time I checked mother F@@@er was not on the ACT…  So why is it in the classroom? 

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