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Police probe rash of house burglaries

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

"It's almost like lawlessness again almost. It gets frustrating," says Nicholas Wade of Florence Avenue in Jackson. He experienced a house break-in on Super Bowl Sunday, and it's made him consider moving his wife and two children out of Jackson.

Burglars stole a Playstation, Wii, and three laptops out of the living room area. The offenders broke in through a back door and had their way.

Similar incidents happened at two other houses on the street in the past two weeks, Wade tells us. He says he's disappointed with Jackson Police. He shows us his cell phone documenting two of the three calls to police he says he made that day.

"I called them at 2:30, then called them back at 3:00, and 4:00," he says. (The phone reflects calls to 911 at 2:32 and 2:54.)

"Then they sent somebody after 4:00," he tells us, adding that the dispatcher told him an officer did not make it to his house the first time due to 'operator error'.

"Sometimes in an area where there's already an area with high crime, they're kinda blaze about it," Wade says. "It gets frustrating to be constantly calling (police) be on top of them to do their job, and all I need is some type of peace of mind."

We've called Jackson Police, and we're waiting for their comment. 

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