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BBB warns you about phone crooks

It's a 3 On Your Side investigation, crooks using the phone to steal your sensitive information or your money. Jessica Bowman shows us another scam you need to be aware of, and it is pretty tricky. The Better Business Bureau calls it the 1-8-6-6 scam. One couple from Crystal Springs says they received the call just this week.

The Better Business Bureau wants you to know about a phone scam where people outside the United States are trying to steal your information.

Cindy White got a deceptive phone call that raised some red flags.

Cindy White says, "I received a call from a man and he said he had received an error report from our computer and he wanted to get some information from us."

A red flag immediately went up, because White says she and her husband Terry just recently bought there computer.

Terry White says, "Once I got him on the phone I asked him what error report he was receiving, but he would not be real specific. So I asked him for our IP address and he said, oh I have your IP address, but he wouldn't give it to me."

According to the BBB a survey was done and 16 percent of Microsoft customers receive these types of calls.

Terry White says, "We never turned on the computer. We knew it was some kind of scam. Because he gave my name, but my computer is actually registered to my wife."

Better Business Bureau employee Christy Strickland says, "What they do is they get in there and they give them access to the computer and then the scammer is not only in your computer, but they can gain all of your personal information and they upload a virus on to your computer."

Strickland says it is critical, if you receive these types of calls, do not give out your personal information.

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