Hundreds enjoy Dixie National Rodeo parade - - Jackson, MS

Hundreds enjoy Dixie National Rodeo parade

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls started their Saturday by kicking off the Dixie National Rodeo Parade in downtown Jackson.

The actual Dixie National Rodeo is a hit a night and the parade earlier Saturday seemed to be just as popular.

Some of the horses galloped quickly and others took their time. But regardless of their speed it seemed like the hundreds of horses in Saturday's parade were the focal point for most in the crowd.  

"We like the wagons and that's what we like. We like the horses and everything and people riding and they like the beads and the candy, so its just great wonderful fun," said Clinton resident, Keith Perritt. 

"I like the Clydesdales and the paints they're my favorite," added sixth grader, Taylor Jenkins.

"I just love horses and watching all the horses and cars go by," said sixth grader, Kaylee Lott.

Everything about the parade from the wagons to the tractors showcased Mississippi's rich agricultural history.

"When we have the rodeo and the parade and everything else we're just celebrating everything about the state of Mississippi. Everything that's good about the state of Mississippi," Governor Phil Bryant said. 

"This is something I enjoy as governor more than just about anything. And looking at these kids on this great day getting ready for the rodeo, just Americana," Governor Bryant added.

The rodeo is also a huge moneymaker for the local economy.

"Generates lots of money, lots of jobs are involved here and tourism because people all over the southeast come to this event," said Governor Bryant. 

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