Scott Co. parents and officials hold prayer vigil - - Jackson, MS

Scott Co. parents and officials hold prayer vigil

SCOTT COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Parents and officials from the Scott County School District gathered Sunday afternoon in prayer at Morton High School.

The district could be taken over by the state because of several violations.

We first told you about a potential state takeover for this district last Thursday when the Mississippi Board of Education voted to abolish the district.

Sunday afternoon hundreds of parents and teachers rallied together to pray for the kids who would ultimately be affected if this happens.

"This is real big for our community and prayer changes things, that's why we hear today to say a prayer for our school district, our teachers, administration, especially for the kids because they're the ones hurting in this situation," said Henry Minor, a concerned citizen and organizer of the prayer vigil. 

Currently the district is in limbo until Governor Phil Bryant decides to take over operations for the district.

"And we hope that you know that when the governor, if he were to sign off on this thing to make an order, he'll make an exception, if not we plan to act legislatively as well," said Representative Tom Miles from House District 75.

The district is rated B under the states grading system. It failed 27 out of 31 accreditation standards.

At Thursday's meeting several violations, non academic, came to light including alleged wrongful hiring practices by Superintendent Bingham Moncrief, transportation issues, a lack of school resource officers and personal discrepancies between a teacher who allegedly had a relationship with a student.

We talked to parents who remain hopeful for a positive outcome.

"I hope that whatever decision they make they don't hurt the children...don't punish them," said parent Jacqueline Howard. 

Parents, teachers and citizens of Scott County are relying on prayer to get them through this trying time - leaning on each other for a positive resolution that wo't hurt their kids' future.

"We wanted to come up with a way that we can at least save the extracurricular activities for our children because were a B rated school district, we've got great students that work hard to keep their grades up, we've got great teachers," said Representative Miles.

He said that the district is running as normal, schools are still open and the superintendent is still employed. Governor Phil Bryant will have to decide if the district will go into the state of an emergency. 3 On Your Side will keep you updated with the results.

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