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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Feb. 10th-House for Hope 2014

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How would you like to reduce crime, improve high school graduation rates, put at risk kids in after school programs and make our neighborhoods safer?

There is a way to do that through the House for Hope. For the past five years, KSLA News 12, along with the Homebuilders Association of Northwest Louisiana have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Community Renewal International.

Community Renewal uses that money to build Friendship houses in our communities. These houses improve neighborhoods, reduce crime and help our children. Everyone who has purchased a chance to win the House for Hope has contributed to this noble effort.

And we're doing it again.

This year's House for Hope is now under construction in Provenance, an upscale subdivision in South Shreveport. Natural stone counter tops, hardwood floors and top of the line appliances are all included. The 2,000 square foot house has three bedrooms and three baths. It's valued at $340, 000. Someone will win this house.

To reserve your $100 ticket and a chance to win the house, you can call this phone number 318-425-3222 or go to our website, ksla.com, and click on House for Hope on the home page.

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