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Yazoo winter storm preps

YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The MDOT headquarters were bustling with activity Monday, ahead of the winter weather. Crews were stockpiling mounds of sand, salt and slag to dispense on roadways, in anticipation of ice forming especially on bridges.

"We've already got our crews split up to where were going to be operating 24-7 till this is over with and all the ice is gone," said District Engineer Kevin Magee. "As far as what we do with the ice, we'll be spreading salt and slag and sand to give traction, mainly on bridges."

MDOT also has three snow plows that will be roaming throughout the district that stretches from the Tennessee border to Natchez. The plows won't be able to start clearing roadways until temperatures start to allow some melting.

At Kayes Market in Yazoo city, cash registers were constantly ringing as customers came in high numbers to stock up their pantries ahead of the storm.

"We got a bunch of canned foods, got a bunch of bread, milk, water," said Patrick Nelson. "We plan to stay in for the next three days or so."

Many residents say they learned their lesson to be prepared in the ice storm of 1994.

"I didn't have gas then, I lost everything," said Reta Waters. "We didn't have lights, it was bad."

In 94', some ice accumulation of over 2 inches was reported in some places.  This storm is not expected to be nearly as bad, with up to half an inch expected.

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