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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Oakhurst Drive house

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

I received an email from a viewer who said there's an abandoned house in south Jackson, sandwiched between a church and an elementary school, with activity no child should have to see. 

The house at 2349 Oakhurst Drive, in south Jackson, looks innocent enough at first glance, but Michael Magee says what goes on here after hours is against the law. Magee is a youth minister at nearby Alta Woods Baptist Church.

"This is a building that was sold in 2009, foreclosed very quickly after," said Magee. "We formerly owned it and now it's being used for drug trade. A lot of sexual activity goes on there as well as just a possibility for kids to get in trouble."

And Magee says a crime has been committed there.

"Neighbors tell me that about two years ago, a girl was raped in the building by multiple men and so since then, nothing has happened," added Magee. "Still just the front window is boarded up, all the other windows are open as well as the doors."

To make matters worse, the property is usually overgrown in spring and summer; littered with trash and empty alcoholic beverage bottles. Just across the street is Lester Elementary and the principal, William Merritt, said the kids talk about what they see there.  

"They have, particularly after hours when they're in the community," said Merritt. "Some of them have stated some of the things that happen; that go on in that home, so it's of particular concern when we're trying to make a better community here at Lester."

Magee said community members have tried to keep the property clean, but his hands are tied when it comes to boarding up the house because it is owned by the federal government. He said he has reached out to the City of Jackson for help, but so far, they have not done anything.

I have called and emailed City of Jackson officials for comment, but I have not received a response yet. We will keep you posted.

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