Gunshots terrorizing neighborhoods, and interrupt a Stokes news - - Jackson, MS

Gunshots terrorizing neighborhoods, and interrupt a Stokes news conference

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Two shootings in two weeks have left residents who live nearby restless. One woman thanks god her granddaughter wasn't struck when a stray bullet entered her home. It's a surprise only to those who may not live in this neighborhood.

Gunshots, the most recent heard during a news conference with Hinds County Supervisor Kenneth Stokes over the weekend, came very close to our camera.

Two weeks ago it was a different story. A shootout took place outside the Mary C. Jones center, leaving a reminder in Clotee Owens' home.

"Suppose I was in the bathroom, sitting. It would have scared me to death," said Owens. "Suppose the bullet would have went through my head, because at that angle, it's just amazing."

Owens wasn't home at the time, but her granddaughter was.

"It was so many bullets. She didn't know what to do," said Owens.

At the same time, she says it's a common occurrence she's forced to deal with.

"Late at night, Friday night, Saturday night, bang bang bang. One or two o'clock in the morning," Owens said. You wonder what's going on. You pray that no one will get killed."

Stokes says more law enforcement around the city's parks is the answer...and his goal is simple.

"[we need] to make sure that no child will be killed in a park in this city," stokes said. "I think last year, we had one, maybe two people killed at parks."

Owens says stricter gun laws would help fix the problem, too. But after her close call, she's just hoping for peace.

"It's so sad that a few young men decide that they're gonna terrorize the neighborhood," Owens said. "Whatever beef they have between one another, won't they just work it out? They don't have to involve us."

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