Two year old killed in Jackson house fire - - Jackson, MS

Two year old killed in Jackson house fire

Devarius Duck. Photo Source: William Gill Devarius Duck. Photo Source: William Gill
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

William Gill played with his grandson, 2-year-old Davarius Duck, all the time.

"Every day. 2-3 times a day. Like I said, he was my little man," Gill says, fighting back tears.

He will never get that opportunity again. Duck died in a house fire Tuesday night, right across the street from Gill's house. He had been preparing to pick up his daughter from work around 11pm, when he saw Duck's paternal grandparents on their porch, desperate for help, smoke and fire intensifying.

Gill says one of his first thoughts was to try and go through one of the windows to try and save the child, but unfortunately the burglar bars on all of the windows got in the way.

"I tried to crawl in the front door but the smoke was so bad I couldn't get in there," he tells us. "I tried to kick the other door open right there, thought I could go because it wasn't burning on that side bad. I tried to go in there but they had an iron door. I couldn't get it open."

Gill says Duck would have turned 3 in May, and was intelligent beyond his years. He lived at the house with his paternal grandparents. His mother lived elsewhere in Jackson.

Duck is survived by two other brothers and a sister.

Fire investigators say the blaze originated in a common room in the house. 

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