CAUGHT ON TAPE: Mother says her daughter not to blame in school - - Jackson, MS

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Mother says her daughter not to blame in school bus fight

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We have exclusive video of another fight on a Jackson Public Schools bus. A 98 pound Lanier high student didn't try to defend herself as two sisters attacked her; and it was caught on video. She is now defending herself in a court of law.

The Facebook video of the attack was sent to us by the victim's mother, Lizzy Tribbett. Seventeen year old Tracy Tribbett boarded the school bus Monday morning. She headed to the rear of the bus for a seat.

Along the way, a student claimed she was bumped by Tracy's bookbag. Tiffany Hackett and her sister Tonie Hackett demand an apology. Then fists started flying.

Tracy said she was hit in the eye and her head slammed against the bus window. And when she tried to flee, another girl yanked her back down from behind by grabbing her hair. She never tried to defend herself during the beating.

The video shows Tracy getting off the school bus as quickly as possible and walked back home. She and her mother filed a complaint about the unprovoked attack Monday morning to Lanier's principle.

Ironically, Tracy was suspended from riding the school bus for 10 days with no explanation from school officials. Her mother is demanding answers and has filed simple assault charges with the Jackson police department against Tiffany Hackett and Tonie Hackett. Both are Lanier high school students.

The sisters can't ride the school bus for 20 days. Tracy's mother also says the bus driver should have never told her child to get off the bus two blocks away from her home, even though Tracy was hurt and said she wanted to get off.

Jackson Public Schools responded to our request for their policy on school bus conduct late Wednesday evening, but said the district would not comment on specific disciplinary matters related to students.

If any of the student behavior expectations are violated, the bus driver will make a referral of the violation to the school administration and the following disciplinary actions will be taken:

1st Violation:

  • Principal or assistant principal will conference with student.
  • Suspension from the bus may occur with this violation from one to three days.
  • Parents or guardians will be notified.

2nd Violation:

  • Student will be suspended from the bus for three to five school days.
  • Parents or guardian will be notified.

3rd Violation:

  • After two suspensions, the student may be banned from the school buses for the rest of the school year or a portion thereof.
  • Parents or guardian will be notified and perhaps an agreement can be reached between parents, guardians, principal, bus driver, transportation supervisor, and/or student.

You can read the entire policy here.

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