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Making A Difference: Valentine's Ball

CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Here we are on the eve of Valentines Day. A time when everyone should be made to feel special in some way or another.

Well, the city of Clinton just had a Valentines party for a group of their special people so they would know just how loved they are.  

I was told to expect folks from the age of six to 60 to be there.

It is a small band of people in Clinton who do a lot together, anyway. Sports and other type events. But this is their second year to have a Valentines Ball.

Chandra Fontenot is the Assistant Director of Therapeutic Recreation Services for Clinton, and she says this event is totally underwritten by the city.

 "We are having a formal for our special needs group, ages six and up with disabilities," said Fontenot. And it's just, it's a formal, they're dressed formal, but we have fun. It's more of just a party for them to have fun."

Several students from the Anchor Club at Clinton Junior High were there to help out. They pose in pictures with the special guests, dance, and anything else that needs doing.

Katelynn Booker is in the 8th grade and is president of the Anchor Club.

 "If you help someone you get special rewards," said Booker. "But I'm not in it for the rewards. I'm not in it for the rewards. I just love helping people."

Aubrey and Matthew should have been king and queen of the ball if they had such a thing. They are the darlings of the group at any rate. Aubrey wants her own TV show someday. I think she's got a shot.

"I'm Aubrey and this is Matthew and we like to dance the whole night and we love to come in here and we love to have the pageant, makeup; but I love this state. How about you?"

Hey, she already knows not to ask simple "yes and no" questions in an interview. So how does the Clinton Special Needs Valentines Formal make a difference? This dance gives people who have disabilities the chance to discover more of the abilities that they also have.

And besides, its fun. And having a little fun from time to time can make a BIG difference is all of us.

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