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State will not take over Scott County Schools

SCOTT COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Scott County Superintendent and the school board have resigned, effect February 28, and as a result, Governor Bryant will not authorize a takeover of the district at this time.

The Governor, however, retains the authority to immediately declare a state of emergency in the district and authorize an immediate takeover if the resigning officials attempt to fire or retaliate against school personnel, waste school funds, or take any other appropriate action before their resignations take effect at the end of the month.

"This course of action protects the interests of students in this B-rated district who, under a declaration of emergency, would have been affected by loss of school accreditation and curtailment of extracurricular activities," Gov. Bryant said. "However, let me be perfectly clear: if the superintendent or the board take any improper or retaliatory action before the effective date of their resignations, the only option will be immediate takeover of the district."

The Scott County School District is B-rated, and the resignations allow the school district, in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Education, to correct the accreditation issues the State Board of Education and the Commission on Accreditation identified last week.

Gov. Bryant will continue working with the State Board of Education and the Mississippi Department of Education to assist the District in making timely corrections to address those issues.

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