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What's next for Scott County Schools?

FOREST, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents in Scott county are asking what happens now that  members of the Scott County School Board and the Superintendent are stepping down?  The mass exit came after a state audit found several violations in the district  that endangered the safety of students.

The next step is replacing leadership there. Governor Phil Bryant will appoint three interim School Board members. They will establish a quorum.

Those three members will then in turn select two additional interim board members. Those five together, will select an interim Superintendent.

Residents will then go to the polls on November 4th, to vote in permanent replacements. They will take office in January of 2015.

Governor Bryant did not impose a state of emergency for the school district. That means students can participate in post season athletic events.

"When we appealed it, it really made the state department mad over there because they don't like to be second guessed," said Superintendent Bingham Moncrief. "But having any regrets, I hate it turned out this way."

Superintendent Moncrief says he made the decision to step down with the best interests of the students in mind.

"Our main difference was with the Superintendent over hiring people we did not need," said Board Vice President Carol Dove. "Job positions, making up positions."

Dove says his personal decision to step down was based on the district's "B" rating, something he wasn't willing to sacrifice.

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