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Man charged in Innsbrook rape case found guilty


A jury has found 25-year-old Driton Sulejmani guilty of raping a 24-year-old woman in Henrico.

Witnesses delivered very graphic, and very different, accounts of the events surrounding an alleged rape in Innsbrook. The testimony happened Friday, during  the Henrico rape trial against Driton Sulejmani. He is accused of raping the woman outside the Beach House bar in Innsbrook, back in July.

The alleged victim gave a tear-filled testimony, describing how she says the defendant asked to walk her to her car. They had met that evening at the bar. Both were drinking.

The woman told the jury that the two were making their way around the side of the building, when Sulejmani violently smashed her face against the wall. She says he then raped her, while also spitting at her, and hitting her several times.

She described how she felt during the scenario as, "Pain, shock, confused… couldn't feel much else at that point."

The young woman went to the hospital. However, she told the jury she was too traumatized to allow a complete medical exam. She had been in contact with detectives at the hospital, and later identified the suspect through pictures.

Detectives took the stand, describing a used condom and the woman's other flip-flop, found at the scene. Investigators also took photos of bloodstains left on the wall.

A forensic scientist testified that DNA from both the young woman, and the defendant, was found on that condom.

However, the defense painted a much different picture.

Two brother-in-law's of Sulejmani testified. Both were at the Beach House with Sulejmani that evening. They described the alleged victim as being very flirtatious, and even touching one of them inappropriately on his genitalia. The defendant's relatives also say the girl propositioned them for sex.

Sulejmani remained expressionless throughout the testimony. During his turn on the stand, he stated the woman was also dancing provocatively with him. He says she grabbed his private areas and bluntly asked to have sex with him. Sulejmani then offered a detailed description of how the two mutually engaged in sex, outside the bar.

The victim's one noteworthy physical injury was a nosebleed. Forensic scientists testified that the bloodstains on the wall were hers. However, the victim did tell the court that she has had a history of getting nosebleeds, in the past.

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