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New education funding program

It's a dilemma facing many students and their families. How to finance a college education. For some as little as a thousand dollars can sideline their dreams.

A local doctor has come up with a unique way to help students and then they are required to pay it forward. Dr. April Ulmer knows the importance of a college education.

"I'm a Board Certified Pediatric Gastroenterologist with G.I. Associates here in Jackson," explained Dr. Ulmer.

She grew up in Magee and worked out of state for several years before returning home. Through her practice she saw how many children were giving up on their dream of a college education.

"We don't presume to say that college is for everyone," said Dr. Ulmer. "But what we believe is that if you have a heart and a mind to further your education we don't believe something as soulless as money, is what we consider it soulless as money, should prevent you from doing that." Dr. Ulmer said.

Project Further is her brain child. Dozens of students are now getting help putting their appeals or campaigns on the Project Further website, where they share their life stories and the public can make donations.

One student was kicked out of his home when he refused to support his mother's drug addiction.

"He's been homeless for some time now but he hasn't quit. He has made the decision to be homeless and work one job so he can go to school," Dr. Ulmer told us.

Corey is one of those students helped by Project Further. He is studying Machine Tool Technology at Hinds Community College.

"My dream for life actually is just to be successful, to maintain my own household, to be able to support my family," said Corey.

"We support those students who won't quit, who don't quit no matter what," added Dr. Ulmer.

Dr. Ulmer says you can make a contribution as little as five dollars.

"People can feel like they're really, they're making a difference but they don't have to make choices between buying groceries for their kids or helping a student. You can do both", said Dr. Ulmer.

Dr. Ulmer tells us the only requirement for students who get help is they donate one percent of whatever they raise to another Project Further participant. For more information on Project Further you can email Dr. Ulmer or go to the website.

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