City contractors not getting paid on time - - Jackson, MS

City contractors not getting paid on time

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A city contractor says his business could go under if he's not paid for jobs he's already performed. And in this case, it's the city of Jackson who isn't ponying up the money.

Payment for services rendered; that's all city contractor Clifton Scott says he wants here. And that's why he turned to 3 on Your Side.

Clifton Scott says it's a constant problem with the city of Jackson: not getting paid until months after a job is complete. "I just don't have the money to invest and not get paid for it," said Scott. 

Scott has cleared five lots he hasn't been paid for yet, with the longest delay being two and a half months. Meaning he's owed anywhere from six to eight thousand dollars.

"On this project here, I'm right at 45 days," said Scott.

Scott says it's simple; a violation of the contract issued by the city and signed by the mayor that states "The city shall pay the contractor within thirty days but no longer than 45" after the job and final invoice is submitted.

One of his invoices is 62 days past the date of completion. And Scott says he's not alone.

"I'm just fed up, and I'm not the only one," said Scott. "There's other contractors who are fed up as well. Some contractors are just small-time contractors. I'm one of them."

So why is it happening? Scott says he was told by the city's Community Improvement Division Manager that federal paperwork still had to be completed, which was news to him.

"I told her. I said, 'This is not in the contract. I've never seen this in the contract. Why are you holding our money up?' and she really didn't have anything to say about it."

Now he says he can't believe a mayor who wants to improve the city's appearance would ever have signed onto something that's not being followed.

"I really believe that the mayor has no idea what's going on in the Community Improvement Division," said Scott. "I really don't believe that he knows that he's signing a contract that's being breached."

We contacted the city of Jackson several times for their response in this matter, but the offices are closed for president's day. No one returned our calls.

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