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10 day camping limit to be enforced at Pearl River park

ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Pearl River Valley Parks Policy Committee is enforcing some new camping restrictions. This comes after complaints of people staying for long periods of time, and polluting the sites.

Just about 8 miles up along the Ross Barnett Reservoir is the Pearl River where people enjoy most of their summers. But at Tuesday's meeting, the Parks Committee is cracking down on those they say are creating eyesores and polluting the sandbars.

Many people camp on the sandbars and bring carpet and tarps to make the experience more comfortable. Some stay for long periods of time.

At Tuesday's meeting, the park committee decided that people will have to apply for a permit and will only be able to stay for ten days.

You can reapply for a new permit once the 10 days are over the permits are free. There will also be more police presence enforcing the new restrictions.

"There was a lot of tarp holdings in the trees, tents that were left over after the year and campers had no intention taking them home," said Barnett Reservoir General Manager John Sigman. "All that material eventually ends up in the river and it's really a hindrance to wild life."

Those who break these new restrictions will receive a warning, then will face up to a $1,000 fine for a second violation. 

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