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Miskelly Furniture - Business Matters

From their carousel to the cafe, since Oscar Miskelly and his brother Chip opened the first Miskelly Furniture in 1978 the hope was that their store would be more than just a place to buy a loveseat.

'We call it retail-tainment," Oscar Miskelly described.

It is that type of shopping experience that leads to nation-wide recognition. Last week a national industry trade magazine, Home Furnishings Business, gave Miskelly Furniture some high praise.

"We were honored to receive the top independent, number-one furniture store in the country," Miskelly said.

The ranking was based on Miskelly's market share, social media footprint, reputation and sales volume. Evidence of their success is the busy sales floor at the flagship location in Pearl. While the showroom is impressive, Miskelly said it would not be possible if not for what goes on behind the scenes.

"In our industry the proof is in the backside of the business in the warehouse and the delivery operations end of it," Miskelly said.

The warehouse orchestrates the 51,000 pick-ups and deliveries Miskelly does annually at their six metro locations. In 36 years their retail footprint has grown to 500,000 square feet of retail and warehouse space, and they employ 230 people.

Their success was built on a foundation that the Miskelly brothers, Oscar, Chip and Tommy say they learned from their parents.

"If you treat people well, like you want to be treated yourself, the golden rule, then you'll be okay," Miskelly said.

The Miskelly's take one of the greatest commandments further through charitable giving. For example, they help families in need by giving away furniture in their annual "Season of Giving" Christmas campaign.

"We've been fortunate, been able to give-away about $500,000 worth of furniture through that," Miskelly said.

Which is a figure as meaningful to Oscar as their bottom-line, especially when the Miskelly name is on the marquee.

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