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ACC Player Power Poll: Bizarro world

Devin Wilson (11) gives Virginia Tech fans a reason to be excited about the program's future. (Source: Devin Wilson (11) gives Virginia Tech fans a reason to be excited about the program's future. (Source:
Rion Brown (15) and the Miami Hurricanes picked up a win at Notre Dame this week. (Source: Rion Brown (15) and the Miami Hurricanes picked up a win at Notre Dame this week. (Source:
Olivier Hanlan (21) and the Boston College Eagles did something Wednesday that hadn't been done since 1955. (Source: Olivier Hanlan (21) and the Boston College Eagles did something Wednesday that hadn't been done since 1955. (Source:

(RNN) - Goodbye. We don't welcome everyone to this week's edition.

Sorry, we're trying to get used to this upside-down universe thing. The cat won't stop barking, the kids are eating vegetables and Vladimir Putin keeps showing up on TV with his shirt on. It's pretty freaky.

Strangest of all, a 6-19 Boston College team went to the Carrier Dome and knocked off the undefeated, No. 1-ranked Syracuse Orange. Virginia Tech nearly completed its own extinction-level event Tuesday in an upset bid of Virginia that fell a little short.

So before it gets really weird and our parents start respecting our career choices, we decided to get in on the inverted-ness. The PPPollsters proudly present a salute to the best of the opposite (i.e. bottom) half of the standings.

Bizarro Player Power Poll: Feb. 13 - 19

1. Olivier Hanlan, Boston College Eagles

20 points, four 3-pointers, three assists Wednesday at Syracuse (W 62-59 OT)

Sir Olivier led the Eagles in scoring and put the game-tying bucket in with 47 seconds left, sending things into overtime. His effort wasn't much different than any other night - he's third in the league in scoring - but the outcome was a welcome change for a team that went from preseason contender to full-on debacle as fast as we've ever seen.

The sophomore is a gifted combo guard who can catch fire from 3-point range and fracture opposing ankles with his crossover and quick first step. He's come up short a few times in some late-game spots, but, in his defense, he's probably tired from having to carry an entire team on his back for 40 minutes.

2. Lonnie Jackson, Boston College Eagles

10 points, 4-for-4 free throws, three assists Wednesday at Syracuse (W 62-59 OT)

Lon-Jack was not only perfect from the line, he hit four in a row during the last seconds of overtime to seal the win for BC. Did we mention he was only 9-of-16 (56 percent) from the line coming in to this game?

If anyone was wondering, the last time someone with a below-.500 record beat the No. 1 team in the country on its home court was 1955, when Georgia Tech beat Kentucky. History.

3. Devin Wilson, Virginia Tech Hokies

12 points, nine assists, 8-for-11 free throws Saturday vs. Miami (W 52-45)

We really like what we see at Virginia Tech and have high hopes for the program's future.

(Waits for everyone to stop laughing …)

No, really. There are some pieces in place here. The centerpiece of said pieces is the fleet-footed freshman with a knack for drawing contact and getting to the charity stripe. His jumper is a work in progress, and he'll need to cut down on the turnovers, but he has the tools to be good.

4. Rion Brown, Miami Hurricanes

21 points, 11 rebounds, five assists Wednesday vs. Notre Dame (W 71-64)

Miami is firmly ensconced as the "scrappy" ACC team - the "Miss Congeniality" of monikers, but it's better than nothing.

5. Robert Carter Jr., Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

13 points, eight rebounds Tuesday vs. Duke (L 68-51)

The big man has been getting his feet wet the last three games; he's been out since December with a meniscus tear. Before he got hurt, he was leading the conference in rebounding, and he was a primary reason why a lot of people (us included) thought the Jackets could make a big leap this season. Good to have you back, RC.

6. Marcus Georges-Hunt, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

15 points, five rebounds Feb. 13 vs. Boston College (W 74-71)

Game winners and making the list or something or other.

7. Pat Connaughton, Notre Dame Fighting Irish

17 points, five rebounds, four assists Sunday at Boston College (W 73-69)

What's the best thing the best athlete on a team can do? If you said "stand around waiting to shoot 3s all game," we have got the player for you. That felt mean. True, but mean.

8. Eddie Odio, Boston College Eagles

Five points, eight rebounds Wednesday at Syracuse (W 62-59 OT)

He's on the list for two reasons: 1. so we can point out one more time that Syracuse lost to BC. 2. so we could point out how his name works perfectly in Morris Day and the Time's classic song, Jungle Love.

Jungle Love … Eddie Odio … Think I wanna know (know ya) …

9. Nick Faust, Maryland Terrapins

20 points, five rebounds, four assists, four 3-pointers Tuesday vs. Wake Forest (W 71-60)

Every so often, the junior has one of those games that makes us say, "Why can't he do that every game?"

Maybe there is someone he could make a pact with to always be that good. Maybe there's something he could exchange in return …

Geez, that's a bad joke even by our unusually low standards.

10. Devin Thomas, Wake Forest Demon Deacons

11 points, 15 rebounds, three blocks Tuesday at Maryland (L 71-60)

Wake Forest's coach is doing a great job. He will have a job two days after the season is over. His performance on the job has not inspired an entire fanbase to publicly call for his dismissal.

Sorry Coach Bz, we were rooting for you guys this season. Or, we weren't rooting. Because opposite. Whatever.


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