Man arrested after foot chase - - Jackson, MS

Man arrested after foot chase

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A man who ran from Jackson Police is in custody, but what happened during that pursuit has left a homeowner furious.

The chase took place on foot late Friday afternoon on Newman Avenue, near Eminence Row. Residents say sometime after 3 p.m., a pursuit broke out and authorities chased a male suspect as he jumped over fences, ran through people's yards and barged into Doris Ward's home.

"The police wanted to talk to me, so I came home," said Ward." And [the suspect] had gone in my house. Whoever it was came in from the back." Everybody [else] was in the front and said they (the police) had the guns on the kids, and had a four-year-old child laying on the ground with her hands on her head. Scared them to death."

It's not clear why the man was running from police in the first place. Jackson police searched a Chevy Tahoe, then impounded that vehicle.

Officers told the owner of that vehicle that it would be impounded because it was used in conjunction with a felony crime. The Jackson Police Department has not released a name nor the reason for the police pursuit.

Ward said JPD thought her family members knew the man and officers treated them in a hostile manner before taking the suspect into custody.

Ward said the police did not knock and didn't have a warrant for the premises; they just went into her home unannounced.

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