New technology for diabetic patients displayed at Diabetes Super - - Jackson, MS

New technology for diabetic patients displayed at Diabetes Super Conference

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Diabetic patients and their families, along with health experts came out to the 35th annual Diabetes Super Conference Saturday in downtown Jackson.

One focus of the event was a small device that some say could be a technological cure for Type 1 diabetes.

In Mississippi there are more than 300,000 diabetics. Five to seven percent of those are folks have Type 1 diabetes and wear pumps to deliver insulin.

During Saturday's Super Conference there was a lot of talk about some new technology to enhance the life saving device. The new technology, which is not on the market yet, but has been tested, is called the bionic pancreas. It looks like an insulin pump and helps keep a diabetics blood sugar normal.

"It's like an insulin pump, but it's not only going to have insulin in it, it will also have glucagon in it so it can actually deliver sugar, if you're low on insulin or if you're high and maintain that balance," said Mart Fortune, the Executive Vice President for the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi.

Scott Scolnick continuously checks his blood sugar. But last summer he had a little break from his routine when he participated in the bionic pancreas trial.

"The results are outstanding and very, very, very promising, so for the first time I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and really believe that it's coming soon," said Scolnick.

The bionic pancreas could be on the market as early as 2017.

The cost of the bionic pancreas hasn't been set in stone, but experts believe the device would be within the same price range as an insulin pump.

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