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Jackson City Council will meet Monday to set election date

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson City Council will meet Monday to set the date for a special election to replace Mayor Lumumba. Under state law, the election must be held in 30-45 days after council sets the date.

Residents and employees of the Capital City are mourning the loss of their leader. Sixty-six year old Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba died yesterday at St. Dominic's hospital. Now city officials are tasked with moving the city forward. 

The first order of business was appointing an acting mayor. Council President Charles Tillman took on that role Tuesday.

When it comes to running the city, Tillman says he plans to follow Lumumba's guidelines.

"The leadership he put together, we would like them for them to going forward, be respectful and honor and carry out the work he put them together to do," said Tillman.

"His vision 'one city, one aim, one destiny'; for us to move away from that would be not only negligent, it would be foolish," said Ward 6 Councilman Tony Yarber during a noon prayer meeting.

Councilman Yarber says he supports Tillman in the position of Mayor, and wants to carry out Lumumba's goal of unifying the city.

"He was a Mayor who made thought decisions," added Yarber. "He was a Mayor who looked at those choices like 1% sales tax, he looked those in the face. He weighed what's the benefit in those and he made the wise decision as a human being, as a humanitarian. His worldwide impact is immeasurable."

Those close to Lumumba say his legacy should include flipping public perception of who he was as a person, in the seven short months he was in office.

"He was for all people," said Fire Chief Willie Owens. "For one thing there were a lot of things out there about Mayor Lumumba that a lot of people didn't think and didn't know until he got in as Mayor, then they found out he was another person they didn't think he was. I think his legacy will be he loved all people."

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