Paying tribute - - Jackson, MS

Paying tribute

Carrying on Lumumba's legacy

Overcast again but downright cold in the Capital City this "hump day" Wednesday afternoon. I'm Howard Ballou with a look at some of the news stories you will see on WLBT.

Residents and employees of Jackson are mourning the loss of 66-year-old Mayor Chokwe Lumumba as city leaders prepare to move forward.

Also, a Pine Belt registered nurse has been arrested by the Attorney General's office for depraved heart murder.

Plus, several Mississippi lawmakers say they're confused about whether a freedom-of-religion bill is similar to a widely criticized Arizona measure that would allow people to assert religious beliefs in refusing business services to same-sex couples.

A few clouds and 37 degrees but it feels like 30. Be sure to watch your full First Alert Forecast.

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