MS Municipal League rallies for CEDA - - Jackson, MS

MS Municipal League rallies for CEDA

Some Mississippi mayors want their residents to be able to vote on a tax hike, similar to the one Jackson voters favored.

The Mississippi Municipal League held a rally at the capitol to promote the citizens for economic development act, also known as CEDA. The legislation would enable cities to impose up to a one percent sales tax increase for the funding of a capital project, but only after it has been approved by at least sixty percent of the voters in a city wide referendum.

The project must be specified on the ballot, and the additional tax would end once the project is paid for.

MML says CEDA is the answer to improved infrastructure.

"We have got to fix our communities. Our citizens deserve it they demand it," said Mississippi Municipal League Legislative Chair, Mayor Tommy Irwin. "People are really upset and in arms about their streets going, it's many streets been needing paving for 30-35 years. It's time to fix that."

More than 150 cities have passed a resolution in support of CEDA, representing over 1 million Mississippi citizens.

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