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Did they break the rules?

Jackson Police allege Madison Police broke the rules during high speed chase

A beautiful and mild Thursday afternoon in the Jackson metro area. I'm Howard Ballou with a look at some of the news stories you will see on WLBT.

That high speed chase on February 23, 2014 that began in Madison and ended in a crash in Jackson? Jackson police now allege Madison Police broke the rules.

Plus, Jackson police are investigating a drive by shooting that hit a couple of cars at the Blossom Apartments on Woodbine Street.

And, one person has been killed and three others injured in a three-vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 19 and Highway 35 South, in Kosciusko.

In sports, a look at Billy Hamilton in spring training as a starter in the Reds lineup.

Clear skies and 51 degrees in the metro. Watch your full First Alert Forecast on WLBT.

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