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James Meredith calls defacing of his statue a foolish distraction

LUMBERTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Civil rights pioneer James Meredith spoke to high school students about black history and the recent vandalism of a statue in his honor at Ole Miss.

Meredith, who was the first aAfrican-American student at Ole Miss 50 years ago, was the keynote speaker at a black history program at Lumberton High School.

Two weeks ago, a noose and a Georgia state flag were placed on a statue. Three freshmen students from Georgia have been kicked out of their fraternity and could be expelled from school. Meredith calls the whole thing a foolish distraction.

"Teenagers have been committing pranks and doing foolish things forever," said Meredith. "I mean, blacks will be out of their minds if they let this distraction, if they were planning on going to Ole Miss and they let this distraction turn them away. There has not been a lynching in Mississippi since 1958, almost six decades. So, what's so important about a noose? that's foolishness."

Meredith also spoke about the importance of getting a good education and the need for churches to get more involved in raising minority children.

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