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Copiah Co. Sheriff gets complaints about animal abuse

Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook Source: Facebook
COPIAH COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Copiah County deputies rescued five dogs from a man's property after concerns from others that the animals had been abused.

But the sheriff says he's been harassed as well for not doing enough.

These are the dogs taken from the property of a Copiah County man after allegations of abuse.

"Supposedly, someone that either reads meters, delivers papers, delivers mail or something had gone to this residence on Highway 27 north of Georgetown, and taken some pictures of some dogs they said were being mistreated," said Sheriff Harold Jones. 

In fact, that's how Sheriff Jones found out about it.
Instead of contacting authorities, the photographer posted the pictures on Facebook setting off a firestorm of comments.

"It's been like a media assault on the sheriff's office for not doing anything, and we're doing everything that we can do according to law and the way it's supposed to be done," Sheriff Jones added.

Some comments said the sheriff should be investigated by the attorney general and people should call or email him to complain.

Sheriff Jones said on Sunday alone, his department received 14 calls from Madison Ark supporters about the animals.

"It hurts your feelings, hurts your heart. You know, my wife and I we care for three animals right now at our house that were orphaned animals," Sheriff Jones added.

Some might ask...Why the delay?

The photos were first posted on Facebook a week ago.  

From there, deputies picked up three on Wednesday, one on Friday and the last Sunday morning.

Sheriff Jones said a few of the animals appeared emaciated while two others appeared to be wild.

But the man who kept the five dogs is not being charged.

"At the end of the day, everybody's safe, the dogs are cared for, the man who had the dogs relinquished those dogs to us voluntarily and even helped us in that endeavor."

Madison Ark representatives said the homeowner should face animal cruelty charges.

Under current law, he would be charged with one count even though five dogs were seized.


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