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Gadsden lawmaker proposes sales tax holiday for firearms and ammunition

Source: MGN Online/M. Glasgow Source: MGN Online/M. Glasgow

Andrew Walker spends a lot of time at Mark's Outdoors. He says he owns a lot of guns for hunting and his protection. That's why Walker says he'll benefit from a weekend of no taxes on firearms and supplies.

Walker said, "Definitely, I'll come out and make more purchases that weekend."

It's State Representative Becky Nordgren's idea. She introduced legislation for the new three day sales tax holiday weekend to give gun owners a bit of a break. She says consumers continue to deal with the rising costs of ammunition and guns.

"We feel like a lot of that has been because of the threat people are perceiving from Washington from the Obama administration. Of course, you know in Alabama we do hold our second amendment rights dear to our hearts here," said Rep. Nordgren.

Walker says he has seen the increases over the past year, especially for ammo.

"The availability will shorten, seen prices fluctuate dramatically," said Walker.

Yolande Wrencher is not a gun advocate and she opposes the idea of exempting firearms and supplies.

"I really don't think it's a good idea. It's just putting more danger on the streets," said Wrencher. "You don't need a lot more guns on the streets and ammo. I'm looking at the safety of our kids. You know what happened in those schools."


"I'm sure there will be opposition to it. There are people who are anti-gun, but that's certainly not my district," said Rep. Nordgren.

If this bill passes, Rep. Nordgren wants the tax free holiday to be held the weekend before 4th of July. She says it is a perfect time to celebrate rights in this country and Alabama's status as a gun-friendly state.

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