Resident shoots, kills suspect allegedly trying to break into ap - - Jackson, MS

Intruder shot, killed by resident

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Camelot Apartments tenant we spoke to watched the aftermath of a shooting ordeal unfold from outside her front door.

"I just walked out the house and he was laying there on the porch. That was it, they say the man was trying to break in. He stopped him, he shot him," she tells us, asking not to be identified.

Every once in a while violent crimes take a twist: the offender becomes the victim, and the victim becomes the gunman. That's what police say happened at the apartment complex around 10am Thursday.

"The suspect threw a brick through the window trying to gain access. He struck the victim in the face with the brick. The victim then had his weapon and fired a shot through the window, striking the suspect with a single gunshot wound," says Jackson Police spokeswoman Colendula Green.

The alleged intruder, identified by the coroner as 39-year-old Jonathan Henderson, was shot once in the chest.

We asked police if the incident fit the state's justifiable homicide guidelines under the Castle Doctrine.

"It looks like it's going that way, but we will let the detectives work it up and let the (Grand) Jury decide," Green says.

Meanwhile, the shooting in broad daylight has some neighbors on edge.

"I don't think a lot of burglars come in, but it's a lot of shootings. Friday night, boom boom boom," the tenant tells us. "I'm getting weary. Very weary."

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