Making A Difference: Joseph Voynik - - Jackson, MS

Making A Difference: Joseph Voynik

FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Big ideas come from surprising places sometimes. Joseph Voynik got a great idea while he was watching a baseball game on TV, And with the help of some of the rest of us, his idea will turn into an asset for the metro area, and will make a great difference for people with disabilities.

Students at Jackson Prep arrived at school 45 minutes before class Wednesday to take part in the miracle mile walk to raise funds for an idea that one of their classmates came up with, to build a Miracle League sports field for the Jackson metro area.

Miracle League fields are specially designed and set aside for people with disabilities. Katie Rose O'Quinn got excited about the idea immediately because where she used to live, back in Georgia, they had a Miracle League field. She realized that her brother, who has autism, would love the chance to play in the Miracle League if we only had a field here.

"I really want to help out with this because my brother would really love to play at this park," said Katie Rose. "He's 12 years old and he doesn't get to do a lot of things that I get to do or my other brothers get to do."

Every skyscraper, or bridge, or hospital or anything else worthwhile started out with someone saying to themselves, wouldn't it be a good idea if we only had a…. And then filled in the blank and went on from there.

Well, Joseph Voynik came up with the idea for the miracle field for Jackson.  

"Well, I was just watching baseball one day and I saw a commercial for Miracle League and I decided I wanted to go up there and help," said Joseph. "But then I got the idea to actually raise money to donate to it. And then I realized that the Jackson metro area did not have one so, it turned into building one.

You know there is an advantage to being a 7th grader. Because when you are in the 7th grade you don't talk yourself out of good ideas like you do later on in life.

"I realized that, like, once people started helping me, we could all do it," Joseph added.

Joseph passed around his idea at Jackson Prep, and friend Jeremy gets a high five for coming up with the plan to kickoff the Miracle Field with a fundraising walk, and a lot of other classmates caught Joseph's vision.

The other morning before class, he and a bunch of his friends at Prep started paving the road to the miracle baseball field by raising the first 10-thousand dollars toward the goal.

If you don't start you'll never finish, And thanks to Joseph Voynik for starting the idea for a miracle field for Mississippi that will Make A big Difference for a bunch of folks.

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