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St. John’s Jesuit closes due to virus outbreak

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Health Department is investigating a possible virus outbreak that has forced St. John's Jesuit Academy to close its doors.

Three dozen students were out of school because a stomach virus spread through the halls.

"It's a stomach virus," said Dr. David Grossman at the Lucas County Health Department. "It's not the flu like you think about the flu that we've been talking about."

More than 36 students in grades 6-8 were out sick. Dr. Grossman says it's a fast-moving virus.

"Most of them are having nausea and vomiting, and some of them will probably get some stomach cramping," he said.

The school made the decision to close its doors Thursday and Friday due to the outbreak. They said in a statement:

"The decision was made to lessen the impact and spread of the virus and to allow our student body time to rest and recuperate."

Health Department crews are disinfecting the school. The cause of the outbreak is still under investigation.

"We're trying to track down the kids that have it to see if we can pinpoint the source," Grossman said. "But in addition, we're giving the school technical help on how to clean and get it all cleared up to get the area clean and try to stem it."

 He says it is a short-lived virus and with rest the students will recover. He also emphasizes the importance of students washing their hands.

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