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Surveillance video captures Walmart shooting


New video from security cameras at the Fitzgerald Walmart shows Monday's shooting that injured an employee in the parking lot. Her estranged husband, who's a former Ben Hill County deputy remains in jail accused of pulling the trigger.

This surveillance video from the Fitzgerald Walmart shows 43 year-old Pam Garner on a break, just before 9am Monday. But things took a violent turn.

"Here he is pulling up and he'll stop right there and that's where everything occurs," said Chief William Smallwood with the Fitzgerald Police Department.

Police say the man in the truck is Pam Garner's estranged husband- 69 year-old Bob Garner.

The two talk for about a minute and a half, then police say Bob Garner shoots her twice. Then he gets out of his truck and fires one more shot.

"After the shooting he walks back over to this area and there's a bench here where the employees sits and that's where he sat down and that's where he was at when we arrived and apprehended him," said Chief Smallwood.

And Bob Garner, a retired Ben Hill County deputy, remains in custody in Coffee County.

Chief Smallwood says this video plays a key part in their investigation.

"We always like to have all the evidence we can get. And when you have eyewitness testimony and then video surveillance that corroborates with eyewitness testimony, you just can't get much better than that," said Chief Smallwood. He says with this video and a few more interviews with witnesses, their investigation will soon be complete.

Pam Garner is still recovering from her gunshot wounds. She was hit in the arm and a bullet grazed her head.

Bob Garner was denied bond earlier this week. He faces numerous charges, including five counts of aggravated assault.


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