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Pothole causing problems on I-55

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Bumps and craters on city streets is a problem Jackson residents have been dealing with for years. Now, one major pothole's causing quite a stir for some on Interstate 55.

It's around a foot wide and four inches deep at the deepest point.

"I was fixing to hit the interstate, hit a hole up here and had a blowout." said LInda Copeland. "It bent my rim and all."

Copeland's tire deflated when her rim bent from the impact. The pothole is located on the ramp from Daniel Lake Boulevard to I-55 North, just before you reach the overpass.

A Google Street View image from last year shows no pothole, only patches on both sides of the road, but no one knows just how long it's been there.

Mississippi Department of Transportation spokesperson Kenny Foote said they started getting calls about it on Thursday. However, a wrecker told one driver that on one day alone, ten people had to pull over and change their tires.

"We have to drive on these roads every day," said Copeland. "I mean, that's ten people. And tires are not cheap."

Then there's another issue: because it's in what MDOT calls a construction zone, maintenance workers can't touch it. That means the contractor must repair it.

No timeline has been set for that at this point.

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