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Walt's Look Around: Lee Jackson's Paintings

MCCOMB, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Lee Jackson is a folk artist from Walthall County and has a show at the Gulf South Gallery, in McComb, right now. Her following likes the way her paintings tell stories.

"Yes. All of my pictures are going to tell a story," said Jackson. "Most of them you'll be able to read them. Sometimes you have to be really deep because I go real deep. Uh hu."

That's Lee Jackson's assessment of her work. It is primitive folk art. And she picked up painting as therapy while recovering from an illness. And to a degree her art is still therapy for her.

"I paint at night," said Jackson." "I tried painting during the day but I can't do it during the day. I have insomnia. So that helps. My mind. It helps the night go by. Uh hu."

Lynn Wells is the owner of the Gulf South Gallery and has a showing for Lee once a year. Lynn is intrigued by Lee Jackson's technique.

"And then she is inspired and then she just puts one dot in there and then another dot and first thing you know it's a tree or a person or, you know," said Wells.

Justin Woulard is pastor of Central Baptist in McComb. He likes the stories in her paintings and says once you meet Lee, you get the whole picture.

"As I was looking at the painting and talking with her afterward seeing her in that painting, there was a certain sense of simplicity along with her and the work," said Woulard. "But there was a profound thought in it, too. It was simple but thought provoking."

Mattie Rials has been the story lady at the McComb library for many years, and as a storyteller with words, she recognizes the stories Lee tells in her paintings.

"Very colorful and tells lots of stories," said Rials. "And just delightful. As soon as you put her and her picture together you know the two of them are together."

"The lord has been good to me. Uh hu," said Jackson.

Simple but profound. Stories without words. And like a good book, you see something new in her work all the time that you may have never noticed before; Another sentence in the story in the paint.

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