The Scott sisters continue their fight while helping others - - Jackson, MS

The Scott sisters continue their fight while helping others

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a story that grabbed national attention in 2010. The Scott sisters serving double life sentences for a crime they say they didn't commit.

 Now, more than three years after being released from prison, the two say they're carving their own paths and helping others.

Sentenced to a life behind bars for their part in a robbery for just $11.00.

That was the Scott sisters' future for more than a decade.

"You know, we just take it one day at a time. It's not easy. When you've been locked up that long, it's not easy," said Jamie.

Then-Governor Haley Barbour suspended their sentence in 2011 with the condition that Gladys would donate a kidney to her sister Jamie because Jamie requires dialysis daily.

But Jamie's financial situation hasn't made that possible yet.

"By me losing the weight, I have a lot of flab and the transplant (doctors) want me to get that removed. And my insurance won't pay for that, so we're trying to raise money for that," Jamie added. 

But they were in Jackson over the weekend to say goodbye to the man who helped secure their release, their lawyer Chokwe Lumumba.

"It was a hard blow because Gladys and I just buried my mother. You know, my mother was a fighter for us. She died august 13. And now for her to die and now Chokwe gone, it's just a hard blow, but I know we gonna get it together," Jamie said.

The two live in Florida now, with jobs they enjoy, providing an opportunity for them to give back.

"That's the reason why we went to a law firm, so we can help other people. And hopefully with Chokwe and his power, and knowing that we got to struggle, we got to go on. We gonna keep on fighting until we're free," added Gladys.

Without legal intervention, the Scott sisters will remain on parole for the rest of their lives.


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