House seeks repeal of later school start mandate - - Jackson, MS

House seeks repeal of later school start mandate

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - House leaders are giving up on requiring school to start later in August.

The House passed Senate Bill 2571 Tuesday, repealing a 2012 law saying public schools can start class no earlier than August's third Monday.

The bill was held for more debate. If House members reject that, it would go to Gov. Phil Bryant for his consideration.

Proponents of local control voted 66-52 to reject changes that would have sent the bill to the Senate for more work.

House Education Chairman John Moore, R-Brandon, says superintendents pressured House members to repeal the law.

Districts can't start before Aug. 18 this year under current law.

Most districts have been starting earlier.

Gulf Coast tourism officials persuaded lawmakers to set the later date, saying more vacation would boost the economy.

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